Housing Adversary Panel

  • Limpopo Housing Advisory Panel was appointed by the MEC in terms of Housing Act no. 02 of 2006. The panel was appointed to advise the MEC on Housing issues.
  • Functions of the Housing Advisory Panel advises the MEC on the following:
    Provincial housing policy and strategy
    Viability of all housing development plans
    Conduct investigations requested by MEC for purpose of informed decision making
    Perform any housing matters which the MEC refers to the panel
    Serves as consultative forum for external role players to be involved in the policy formulation process
  • General Notice: Limpopo Housing Act,2006(Act 2 of 2006)Rental Tribunal

Housing Advisory Panel Members
Ms. Mphahlele MA - Chairperson
076 954 5694
Mr. Matamela ND - Deputy Chairperson
072 144 6185
Mrs. Mothapo MMS - Member
079 249 1732
Ms. Maupye MRS - Member
082 083 0121
Dr Lediga MJ - Member
072 312 2724