Vote Structure

CoGHSTA is a vote 11 department according to the Provincial Legislature budget vote classification. It is also a unique department in approaching service delivery; owing it to its integrated and sustainable approach to create a single offering.


 Corporate Services  
  • Strategic Human Resources Management
  • Financial Management
  • Information Communication Technology
  • Communication
Excellent service provision
Internal processes redefinition
Continuous improvement measure
Internship and learnership programmes

Click to expand/collapse the table Integrated Sustainable Human Settlements  
  • Housing needs, Research and Planning
  • Housing Development, Implementation, Planning and Targets
  • Housing Assets and Property Management
Public demand for housing and reduction of backlog
Human settlement initiatives
Property ownership

Click to expand/collapse the table Co-operative Governance  
  • Local government support
  • Municipal Infrastructure Delivery
  • Increase collaboration in governance

Increasing need for supporting municipalities in infrastructure delivery
Municipal capacity building
Property ownership

Click to expand/collapse the table Traditional Affairs  
  • Traditional Leadership Support
  • Traditional Leadership Support

Traditional Leadership disputes
Improvement of initiation school management